Pop Ups

Pop Ups

We love getting friends together over a good meal, so when we were asked to host an evening at our gorgeous local deli Cullenders we jumped at the chance.

Cullenders is the perfect setting for a ‘coffee an catch up’ during the day and by night enjoy a glass (or two) of delicious wine courtesy of The Vineking. They also have a great section of beers to complement the nibbles and lively conversation.

We decide to take a bit of a gamble and serve everyone communal style, we were so pleased we did, it turned out to be a blast!

We made our succulent wood roasted lamb dish sat on top of braised white beans and purple sprouting broccoli finished with a dollop of salsa rossa. Everyone got into the spirit of things and shared it around the tables, dishing out great big spoonful’s and pinching the best bits of lamb.

My favourite part of the night was watching a group of guys picking out the last morsels from the dish and giggling like naughty school boys, magic!

Lastly we treated everyone to our wood roasted vanilla pod plums, amaretti crumble and honey crème fraiche. This dish is easy to make at home so if you’re interested in the recipe please let me know and I’ll post it up.

It was so great to see everyone coming together over a good meal, it made me  feel quite continental!

Our next event at Cullenders will be on May 1stso if you’ve no plans why not join us all for dinner, everybody’s invited!

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Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding

What is the best way to start the year…with a wedding of course!

Sarah the beautiful bride and Andrew her dashing groom made it a magical day, with the warmest friends and family anyone could wish for. All set in a stunning venue with the coolest band I think I’ve ever seen!

Table setting

We rolled up at the West Reservoir and set about adding some finishing touches to the tables, put the champers on ice and got the oven fired up.

The guests arrived in a double decker bus and grabbed a glass of fizz. The newlyweds having some one on one time with their incredibly talented photographer Sarah.

When everyone had taken their seats we served them wood roasted lamb and whole sides of salmon, they looked and smelled delicious! Everyone got into the spirit of the occasion and tucked into lunch, sharing the salads and breads around the tables, cheering each other and generally having a blast.

Then it was cakes all round and delicious cheese from Neals yard, we were tickled pink when we were given a box to take home, we happily wallowed in cheese for days!

West Res

Tables cleared and the band strikes up which is our cue to get ready for round two, an evening of pizza heaven, once all the  pizza was snapped up everyone hit the dance floor and the celebrations continued into the night.

I don’t think we stopped smiling all day, we were pretty pleased with ourselves by the end and  honoured to be part of something so wonderful.

To the happy couple Sara & Andrew, may your life be full of days like these!xx

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British Street Food Awards

British  Street Food Awards

Wow…what a amazing weekend we had at the British Street Food Awards!

Bringing home the award for Best Looking Mobiler was just a bonus! Having our food judged was one of the most nerve racking experiences we’ve had since appearing on Channel 4 Sunday Brunch the week before!

What a roller coaster ride we’ve been on, the proudest moment was finding out our slow roasted BBQ pork rolls with cucumber pickle and slaw placed 4th and our latest creation, wood roasted plums, orange & cinnamon crumble with honey crème fraiche came 3rd! Not bad for newbies!

We’ve been so inspired by the marvellous street traders, the wonderful Best of the Best winners Katie & Kim , the beautiful Bessie , Wildrover and loads more fantastically talented foodies from across th UK & Europe.

We have a new and tasty  idea in development so watch this space…and next year who knows! xxx

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“What you cooking?”

“What you cooking?”

The early start reminded me of when I was little, being bundled into the back of dad’s old estate still in my pyjamas and heading off for our holidays in Devon.

A bit bigger and fully dressed we made our way to Suffolk, I resisted the urge to repeatedly ask Dickie if we were nearly there yet but I think I was just as excited on this trip as I was aged five.

Arriving on site we found a good spot and as I pitched the tent Dickie got the oven fired up. I think the campers were a little bemused at first but eventually curiosity got the better of them and they came over to ask what on earth was going on.

Midday arrived and we served up oven fresh pizzas to some mini campers, only too happy to make them “extra cheesy” as requested. We were quite pleased with the customer feedback; “bestest pizza in the whole world… ever!” can’t argue with that, this little lady knew her stuff!

According to the position of the sun (and my watch) it was about 2pm when the lamb went in so all that was left for us to do was laze about in the sun, heaven!

Nothing beats decadence more than when it’s out of place so at 6:30pm we served pre dinner cocktails, a popular choice with the bigger campers. After teasing everyone for 5hrs with mouth-watering aromas the succulent new season spring lamb was served on a bed of white beans and topped with salsa verde. It was a brilliant success; tasted delicious with every plate licked clean.

Finishing off the last of the “Tinderfizz” we fell into bed unbelievably tired but incredibly happy. We had a peaceful night with no sign of ging, gang or goolie!

Up with the larks or rather nose to nose because the bed had slightly deflated in the night, we got up lit the oven and made ready the Welsh rarebit. Using bread we’d freshly baked the night before and tomatoes which had spent the evening locked up in the oven slowly roasting away we tempted the sleepy campers with more unexpected culinary delights.

As we packed our things away and waved good bye to our new friends, I suddenly felt five again and wanted to stay just one more day….

Thank you Brick Kiln Cottages we had a wonderful time, hope to see you and your exceedingly happy campers again soon


Aged 37 ¾

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A Month of Firsts

A Month of Firsts

It’s been a succession of firsts for The Tinderbox and boy has it been exciting!

Our first wedding will be Sarah & Antoni’s who are tying the knot this September, we’ll be at their evening reception at Hilles House (well worth a look it’s breath taking) serving traditional stonebaked pizza to their friends and family, obviously we’ve got a few butterflies but we’re thrilled to be part of such a special day.

Our first recorded interview  took place at the Reigate Farmers Market conducted by local “foodie” and social media mogul Philippa Radcliffe, Dickie was terrified but I think he sounds brilliant (ahhh). We also got featured on weddingdates and you’ll be able to see us in print somewhere inside the covers of Your Surrey Wedding magazine so keep a look out.

We had a blast at our first 50th Birthday party, serving pulled pork baps to very cold but very happy guests. The cold weather turned out to be our ally with some people coming back for seconds, thirds and even fourths!

Another first is entry to the magical wonderland that is the Just So Festival, I’m absolutely convinced it’s run by pixies, it’s the perfect place to take your non-believers; they’ll be chanting “I do believe in fairies” all the way home!

Our last first is something we’ve always had our fingers crossed for…camping. We can’t wait to dust off our little bell tent and spend the weekend at Brick Kiln Farm , we’ll be delighting campers with cowboy breakfast, pizza making class and something decadently slow roasted. Looking forward to an alfresco evening of dining round the camp fire…. “get the guitar Dickie, I feel a song coming on!!

BIG thank you to everyone supporting our adventure, we couldn’t do it without you. xx

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Reigate’s Farmer Market

Reigate’s Farmer Market

Off to market usually means an early start and this was no exception, the alarm went off at 4:30am and we sluggishly got up. Dickie began kneading the dough for the chocolate and hazelnut buns and I got the easy job of loading the car and taking the puppy for a morning stroll. There was definitely a chill in the air with the odd snow flake here and there, so I made a mental note…we’re gonna need more socks!

We arrived, picked a pitch, put the buns in the oven and waited for the customers to arrive; they came with the morning train along with more snow which gave the warm cinnamon buns an extra white frosting.

Our floury baps arrived from the Oven Fresh bakery in Reigate ready to stuff full with succulently juicy slow roasted pulled pork, a rare breed beauty from a free range farm in Storrington and brought to us by Attwater and Best . All our baps were finished off with a generous dollop of homemade slaw and sticky BBQ sauce.

To our utter delight we sold the 10kg of pork within the hour. We’re so sorry to all those who came too late, never fear we’ll be back and this time we’ll bring Mrs Piggy!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support us in the cold weather can’t wait to do it all again next month.

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