“What you cooking?”

“What you cooking?”

The early start reminded me of when I was little, being bundled into the back of dad’s old estate still in my pyjamas and heading off for our holidays in Devon.

A bit bigger and fully dressed we made our way to Suffolk, I resisted the urge to repeatedly ask Dickie if we were nearly there yet but I think I was just as excited on this trip as I was aged five.

Arriving on site we found a good spot and as I pitched the tent Dickie got the oven fired up. I think the campers were a little bemused at first but eventually curiosity got the better of them and they came over to ask what on earth was going on.

Midday arrived and we served up oven fresh pizzas to some mini campers, only too happy to make them “extra cheesy” as requested. We were quite pleased with the customer feedback; “bestest pizza in the whole world… ever!” can’t argue with that, this little lady knew her stuff!

According to the position of the sun (and my watch) it was about 2pm when the lamb went in so all that was left for us to do was laze about in the sun, heaven!

Nothing beats decadence more than when it’s out of place so at 6:30pm we served pre dinner cocktails, a popular choice with the bigger campers. After teasing everyone for 5hrs with mouth-watering aromas the succulent new season spring lamb was served on a bed of white beans and topped with salsa verde. It was a brilliant success; tasted delicious with every plate licked clean.

Finishing off the last of the “Tinderfizz” we fell into bed unbelievably tired but incredibly happy. We had a peaceful night with no sign of ging, gang or goolie!

Up with the larks or rather nose to nose because the bed had slightly deflated in the night, we got up lit the oven and made ready the Welsh rarebit. Using bread we’d freshly baked the night before and tomatoes which had spent the evening locked up in the oven slowly roasting away we tempted the sleepy campers with more unexpected culinary delights.

As we packed our things away and waved good bye to our new friends, I suddenly felt five again and wanted to stay just one more day….

Thank you Brick Kiln Cottages we had a wonderful time, hope to see you and your exceedingly happy campers again soon


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