Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding

What is the best way to start the year…with a wedding of course!

Sarah the beautiful bride and Andrew her dashing groom made it a magical day, with the warmest friends and family anyone could wish for. All set in a stunning venue with the coolest band I think I’ve ever seen!

Table setting

We rolled up at the West Reservoir and set about adding some finishing touches to the tables, put the champers on ice and got the oven fired up.

The guests arrived in a double decker bus and grabbed a glass of fizz. The newlyweds having some one on one time with their incredibly talented photographer Sarah.

When everyone had taken their seats we served them wood roasted lamb and whole sides of salmon, they looked and smelled delicious! Everyone got into the spirit of the occasion and tucked into lunch, sharing the salads and breads around the tables, cheering each other and generally having a blast.

Then it was cakes all round and delicious cheese from Neals yard, we were tickled pink when we were given a box to take home, we happily wallowed in cheese for days!

West Res

Tables cleared and the band strikes up which is our cue to get ready for round two, an evening of pizza heaven, once all the  pizza was snapped up everyone hit the dance floor and the celebrations continued into the night.

I don’t think we stopped smiling all day, we were pretty pleased with ourselves by the end and  honoured to be part of something so wonderful.

To the happy couple Sara & Andrew, may your life be full of days like these!xx

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