Pop Ups

Pop Ups

We love getting friends together over a good meal, so when we were asked to host an evening at our gorgeous local deli Cullenders we jumped at the chance.

Cullenders is the perfect setting for a ‘coffee an catch up’ during the day and by night enjoy a glass (or two) of delicious wine courtesy of The Vineking. They also have a great section of beers to complement the nibbles and lively conversation.

We decide to take a bit of a gamble and serve everyone communal style, we were so pleased we did, it turned out to be a blast!

We made our succulent wood roasted lamb dish sat on top of braised white beans and purple sprouting broccoli finished with a dollop of salsa rossa. Everyone got into the spirit of things and shared it around the tables, dishing out great big spoonful’s and pinching the best bits of lamb.

My favourite part of the night was watching a group of guys picking out the last morsels from the dish and giggling like naughty school boys, magic!

Lastly we treated everyone to our wood roasted vanilla pod plums, amaretti crumble and honey crème fraiche. This dish is easy to make at home so if you’re interested in the recipe please let me know and I’ll post it up.

It was so great to see everyone coming together over a good meal, it made me  feel quite continental!

Our next event at Cullenders will be on May 1stso if you’ve no plans why not join us all for dinner, everybody’s invited!

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