There’s no place like home

There’s no place like home

I’m no Dorothy Gale but I do love my home town of Reigate so when we had the opportunity to join the maiden Reigate Street Eats I clicked the heels of my red converse together three times.

The towns tunnel was the perfect setting for the Market even the rain couldn’t touch us. Once we had the oven lit we carefully place our home cured whole sides of salmon inside and wood roasted them to perfection.

With live music playing away in the back ground and delicious smells filling the high street the tunnel was soon bustling with hungry people.

We served our salmon with a jersey royal salad topped with a choice or either Salsa Verde or Salsa Rossa. The Rossa (made with tomato, garlic, charred peppers, herbs and a hint of chilli) won the day, seems like Reigate favours a little heat!

The Market Stores joined in the fun showcasing the new Fullers Beer Frontier as well dishing up Piri Piri chicken kebabs. Vintage Dotty dazzled everyone with her beautiful caravan and scrumptious cakes.  New kids on the block Number 4 Sundaes with their amazing all natural ice creams, Toston Tolon brought their unique Venezuelan fare to a very appreciative audience, El Dorado gave us a little Mexican and the Mobile Pizzeria brought the shiny red “Scarlette” and pumped out the pizza.

Just in case anyone was still hungry we brought along our original Wood Roasted Vanilla Pod Plums, (now known affectionately as Dickie’s Plums) topped with homemade Amaretti crumble and Green & Blacks white chocolate cheesecake, a match for any sweet  tooth!

The whole event was organised by the marvellously unstoppable Philippa and her trusty partner in crime Paul, have they got the energy to do some more…can monkeys fly?

Fly my pretties, fly!

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