Nature knows best

Nature knows best

It’s quite possible that pizza, in some form or another has been with us since the Neolithic age, which is ages ago. Archaeologists found some baked bread in Sardinia which according to the sell by date was about 7,000 years old.

Over the years pizza has gone through many changes, I’m not sure the tandoori hot was on the menu back in 16th century Naples, but I’m pretty sure in June 1889 when Princess Margherita of Savoy stuffed a pizza in her face she popularised the dish we know today.

We’re set on continuing this ancient tradition by following in the footsteps of our ancestors using the tools and ingredients nature has generously provided.

So we make our dough fresh by hand, allowing it to prove for 24hrs, the thick rich sauce is made by simply reducing San Marzano plum tomatoes over a low heat and adding a few choice herbs.

Our toppings change with the seasons, if it grows out the ground, falls from a tree or plucked from a hedgerow it may well find itself part of the menu, but only when the time is right.

Cured meats, traditional cheeses, homemade flavoured oils and tasty butters for dipping your crusts also make up our menu but the best ingredient of all and one that has been used since man tired of cold tea is fire.

A gas free, pure wood raging furnace of smoke and flame adds a flavour to our pizza that is strangely familiar, utterly irresistible, and just as nature intended.


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